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About me
Mustafa (or Mostafa) – Attiya, this is my name
A professional lawyer,
From the Egyptian Bar Association.
(Runs a law firm) located in Egypt.
-A researcher in the law.
Pleadings to the Court of Appeal and the Council of State
With pleasure do the following
1-Legal assistance: providing a high level of defense with a modest fee or completely free of charges for those unable to retain counsel to defend them in cases and civil disputes, criminal and administrative.
2-Tip of others and try to resolve their problems voluntarily.
3-Explaining to others their rights and duties for better social awareness.
4-I spend my time in the reading, writing and research for issues except the time for clients’ actions in the courts and clients Advocacy Office interviews.
5-I like to sit down with people who have the knowledge because I love exploring ideas.
Legal areas that I specialize in judicial practice are
-Disputes arising from:
-Violation of land rights, property rights and breach of the obligations of the lease of real estate.
-Court cases and family law disputes, which express the rights of women and children and those issues relating to marriage, divorce and child custody.
-Issues relating to the breach of obligations between the parties to the contract civil, commercial and administrative.
-Criminal proceedings in the courts to defend the accused.
Books and research
Through the growing need for research in the law and my desire to clarify ambiguous legal issues I'd like preparation of many legal studies in a variety of fields, as follows:-
1- In the law of criminal procedure ,
- A- "The detention of the accused during the investigations by the Public Prosecution".
(Published in a limited edition and the author works on the new revisions)
- B- "Criminal Proof".
(Study in the Criminal Evidence at the stage of preliminary investigation and the final conformity with the law of criminal procedure and provisions of the Court of Cassation.)
- C- "Crimes of forgery in official exhibits, the practical problems and solutions"
(Study deep through 5 years of work in cases of forgery in exhibits, including how to catch counterfeiters and their crimes and How prevention of forgery crimes)
2-In the area of Islamic law
- "Summary of the Islamic law"
(Legal study in the principles of Islamic jurisprudence to simplify the complexities of the Great References adopted in Islamic law).
3- In the area of civil law and the law of rent,
-"The reasons for eviction of apartments tenants according to Civil Code"
(Study in the latest amendment to the rent laws)

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