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Sa flag.png Saudi Arabia, stub
Cn flag.png Electronic Signature Law, China
Pk flag.png Cyberlaw, Pakistan
Ar flag.png Taringa! case, Argentina
Is flag.png Istorrent case, Iceland
Lt flag.png Law on Legislative Framework, Lithuania
Uk flag.png Chambers v. DPP, UK
Uk flag.png Non-literal copying of software, UK
Uk flag.png Qualified Privilege on the Internet, UK
De flag.png Eternity clause, Germany
Ma flag.png Bankruptcy procedures, Morocco
Uk sc flag.png Scotland, stubs
Us fl flag.png Dependency Law, Florida
Eg flag.png Economic courts, Egypt, stub
Uk cy flag.png Wales, stubs
Za flag.png Introduction to the law of contract, South Africa, stub
Eg flag.png Evidence law, Egypt, stub
Eg flag.png Introduction to the law, Egypt, stub
Fr flag.png History of the judicial system, France
Ir flag.png Introduction to the law, Iran (stub)
Nz flag.png Courts of New Zealand (stub)
Tr flag.png Introduction to the law, Turkey, (stub)
Us flag.png Family and juvenile law, USA (stub)
Us mn flag.png Commercial law, Minnesota (stub)
Gr flag.png Lawyer, Greece (stub)
Arrow 1.png Islamic law, (stub)
Us flag.png Jimmy Carter, USA
Us flag.png Abortion, USA
Eg flag.png Criminal law, Egypt

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Welcome to JurisPedia

JurisPedia is an encyclopaedic project of academic initiative devoted to worldwide law, legal and political sciences. Jurispedia has developed on the initiative of the African Legal Information Institute, the Faculty of law of the Can Tho University, the Faculty of law of the Groningen University, the Institute for Law and Informatics (Saarland University), the Institut de Recherche et d'Etudes en Droit de l'Information et de la Communication (Paul Cézanne University), and the team of JURIS (Université du Québec À Montreal). The project is open for cooperation with other partners. Any other teams of researchers or Faculties of Law in the whole world can freely join us. Participation in JurisPedia requires only human implication on the shared law.

Before your participation, read this Licence

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Direct access to the law, by geographical area

Arrow 1.pngAfrica :

Angola · Algeria · Benin · Botswana · Burkina Faso · Burundi · Cameroon · Cape Verde - Central African Republic · Chad · Comoros · Republic of the Congo · Democratic Republic of the Congo · Côte d'Ivoire · Djibouti · Egypt · Equatorial Guinea · Eritrea · Ethiopia · Republic of The Gambia · Gabon · Ghana · Guinea · Guinea-Bissau · Guinea Equatorial · Kenya · Lesotho · Liberia · Libya · Madagascar · Malawi · Mali · Morocco · Mauritius · Mauritania · Mozambique · Namibia · Niger · Nigeria · Rwanda · São Tomé and Príncipe · Sierra Leone · Seychelles · Senegal · Somalia · South Africa · Sudan · Swaziland · Tanzania · Togo · Tunisia · Uganda · Western Sahara · Zambia · Zimbabwe

Arrow 1.pngAsia/near and middle-east :

Afghanistan · Bahrayn · Bangladesh · Bhutan · Brunei Darussalam · Cambodia · Democratic People's Republic of Korea · East Timor · India · Indonesia · Iraq · Iran · Israel · Japan · Jordan · Kampuchea · Kazakhstan · Kyrgyzstan · Kuwait · Laos · Lebanon · Malaysia · Maldives · Mongolia · Myanmar · Nepal · Oman · Pakistan · People's Republic of China · Philippines · Qatar · Republic of Korea · Saudi Arabia · State of Palestine · Syrian Arab Republic · Singapore · Sri Lanka · Tadjikistan · Thailand · Turkmenistan · United Arab Emirates · Uzbekistan · Vietnam · Yemen

Arrow 1.pngAmerica :

Argentina · Belize · Bolivia · Brazil · Canada · Chile · Colombia · Costa Rica · Cuba · Dominican Republic · Domenica · Ecuador · El Salvador · Guatemala · Haiti · Honduras · Jamaica · Louisiana (usa) - New Brunswick (ca) - Ontario (ca) - Mexico - Nicaragua · Panama · Paraguay · Peru · Quebec (ca) - United States of America - Uruguay · Venezuela

Arrow 1.pngEurope :

Albania · Andorra · Armenia · Austria · Azerbaijan · Belarus · Belgium · Bosnia-Herzegovina · Bulgaria · Cyprus · Croatia · Czech Republic · Denmark · Estonia · Federal Republic of Germany · Finland · France · Georgia · Greece · Hungary · Iceland · Italy · Latvia · Liechtenstein · Lithuania · Luxembourg · Malta · Moldova · Monaco · Montenegro · Norway · Netherlands · Poland · Portugal · Spain · Republic of Ireland · Republic of Macedonia · United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland · Romania · Russian Federation · San Marino · Serbia · Slovakia · Slovenia · Sweden · Switzerland · Turkey · European Union · Ukraine · Vatican City

Arrow 1.pngOceania :

Australia · New Zealand · Solomon Islands · Palau · Fiji · Samoa · Kiribati · Tonga · Federated States of Micronesia · Marshall Islands · Nauru · Tuvalu · Papua New Guinea · Vanuatu

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Thematic access and compared law

Arrow 1.png Arbitration
Arrow 1.png Property law
Arrow 1.png International commercial law
Arrow 1.png Constitutional law
Arrow 1.png Economic and social rights
Arrow 1.png Environmental law
Arrow 1.png Family law
Arrow 1.png Fiscal economics and tax law
Arrow 1.png Laws of war
Arrow 1.png Human rights
Arrow 1.png Immigration law
Arrow 1.png International criminal law
Arrow 1.png Intellectual property law
Arrow 1.png Cyberlaw

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The law(s)

Principal legal systems of the world

Common law · Canon law · Civil law · Islamic law · Socialist law · Talmudic law

General Principles of Law

Introduction to the law · International law · Criminal law · Judiciary

Theories and foundations of law

History of law · Interpretation of law · Philosophy of law · Sociology of law


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The law, by geographical area

Thematic access and compared law

The Law(s)
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In the others JurisPedia...

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Pl flag.png Lawyers,Poland
Ca flag.png Introduction to the canadian law
International.png Common law
Us flag.png Commercial law, USA (stub)
Us flag.png Jimmy Carter
Gr flag.png Lawyer, Greece (stub)
Sn flag.png Constitutional law, Senegal

Arrow 2.png Dutch

Au flag.png Australia, stub
Nl flag.png Austria, stub

Arrow 2.png French

Cs flag.png The Constitution, Serbia
International.png Lex mercatoria
Dz flag.png Fr flag.png The marriage between French and Algerian, Algeria, France
Fr flag.png Criminal law, France
De flag.png The german civil Code, Germany
Sn flag.png Constitutional law, Senegal
Uk flag.png Constitution..., UK

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