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Introduction to the law

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Law can be defined as a system of values, norms and social relations for prevention and peaceful resolution of disputes.

Internal public law

Internal public law is divided into several branches; a)constitutional law , b) adminstrative law, c) criminal law which includes penal law and criminal procedures law; d) finance and taxation law, e) trade regulations, f) labour law, and g) the law of judicial organization and judicial procedures.

Alternate views consider trade regulations, labour law and judicial procedures law as part of private law.

However, trade regulations and the organization of commerce and investments must be separated from commercial law and must be considered as part of public law. In addition, labour law represents the interference of state into labour relations to reflect the social and public interests of the nation as a whole and therefore, must be considered as part of public law as well. Furthermore, the law of judical organization is in fact part of constitutional law as it deals with the organization of the judicial authority and is thus considered as an intergral part of public law.

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